Message from CEO

Business is beautiful. It has the power to make lives more joyful and happy. However, it can also become quite dangerous. In the used car export industry, some are involved in very scary income sources, and some are hiding billions of debt. At Mehran, you are too important for us and we do not want to put your hard-earned money at risk. Our customers can rest assured that we choose to operate safely and securely.
As well, you may know that many exporters hide accident history of cars and reverse mileages. At Mehran, the end users who purchase the cars are too important for us. We want them to feel safe and assured that Mehran has been known around the world for its honest service and quality.

We would like to whole heartedly thank all our importers for supporting us. If you are not yet part of the Mehran Network, we always invite you with a warm welcome to join us anytime. Just like we assisted countless people around the world with "Better Quality, Better Price", we would love to serve you too.

Abdul Wahab Qureshi

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